FocusERP can support the individuality of your business

Focus ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system specifically developed with small and medium companies in mind.

Flexible and easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on our servers and accessible via any device with access rights – no server and no expensive IT services.

*stand-alone Intranet system available*

Designed to meet the production process of ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facilities, streamlining your operations and helping your business grow.

A fully integrated system that eliminatesredundant data entry across accounting, resource planning, and customer management, significantly reducing overhead costs and human error.

Looking For ERP Solutions That Will Save Your Business Time & Money?

Your business could be wasting time and losing money at this very moment. The fact is that businesses not taking advantage of the benefits of fully integrated ERP Software are most likely giving up profit unknowingly.

If you’re ready to reduce the wasted time spent jumping between programs and applications to gather information and coordinate resources, porting data from one application to the other, and not having accurate information on job costing, profit margins, inventory levels, and other crucial data, our ERP Software will be a perfect fit for your company.

These are the problems that our ERP Solutions are designed to solve. Whether you need MRP softwarefield service management software, equipment rental software, or inspection management software, you can count on FocusERP to deliver the organization and integration that you need to dominate competitors and impress your clients.

Our 3 Step Process

Step 1: Business Analysis

We find out how your business process works and prepare the business case.

Step 2: Implementation

We help streamline and automate your current processes.

Step 3: System Optimizations

Continued support and optimization, personalized to fit your business model.

FocusERP Software Solutions Deliver Real Benefits for Your Business

Regardless of industry or size, every business has developed processes that employees must carry out in order to remain competitive and profitable. The most successful businesses are those able to organize and automate their processes so that they’re implemented with maximum efficiency. Performing those processes while collecting the appropriate data associated with the completion of the required tasks provides accurate reporting on job status, staff performance, inventory levels, cash flow, fulfillment, and customer satisfaction.

You know what processes are critical to the success of your business, but how well are they working together? If you don’t have fully integrated ERP Software, things are probably not operating as smoothly as you would like.

FocusERP can help you identify, analyze, and integrate those activities so that your business is streamlined and easier to manage.

Focus Field Service

Reduce operational and processing costs.

Focus Inspections Management

Monitor job status, and project profitability.

Focus Manufacturing

Control your manufacturing environment while focusing on business growth.

FocusERP delivers the real benefits that today’s businesses desire in their ERP System

Improve Cash Flow

Be responsive to customers while managing fulfillment and cash flow.

Control Inventory

Having the right inventory is key – track and manage this critical business asset.

Increase Productivity

Work efficiently and make better decisions with insightful information.

Control Inventory

Access your business information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Why Our ERP Software Solutions Are the Best Fit for Your Manufacturing or Oilfield Service Business

FocusERP is a secure, Industry Specific business system that integrates all your business operations into one database. From Quote to Invoice our fast, user-friendly interface empowers your staff to improve service levels and make informed decisions. We start with a complete GAP analysis to streamline the processes critical to the success of your business. After helping you perfect those processes we configure FocusERP to fit your business like a glove, train your staff, and continue to update and add value at no additional charge to your customers.

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