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Reduce operational and processing costs.

Can Field Service Management Software Help Your Business Save Money?

People on all sides of your business will notice the difference when you implement FocusERP software. If your business is in delivery, inspections, repair, installations, equipment rentals, or any field services for the industrial or commercial markets, our software is a perfect fit for you. Your field technicians will have easy access to cloud-stored data and resources. This translates into faster, more comprehensive service that saves your technicians and your customers time. Your customer service representatives will answer questions with greater speed and accuracy. Most importantly, your customers will notice your efficiency.

When you put it all together, professionally developed field service software will save your company time and money. Our ERP Software customers save over 50% of their operational costs and reduced the time required to produce invoicing by 75%.

Oil Field Service
Manage all aspects of your Oilfield service activity.

How Our Field Service Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

At FocusERP, we don’t stop until you have fully integrated ERP software designed to help your service-oriented business thrive. Our goal is to help you organize and streamline your business processes into one system that flows seamlessly. With the right ERP solutions, you can operate with greater efficiency and far fewer headaches.

Our field service software is easy to use whether you’re in the office doing paperwork, in the field delivering service, managing equipment rentals, or answering questions for prospective customers online or by phone.


  • – Sending orders to your field technicians instantly without making a phone call or waiting for them to write down the details manually.
  • – Enabling your service representatives to generate accurate quotes on the spot with the capability of scheduling jobs on the spot.
  • – Accessing customer records from any mobile device or computer, even when you’re not in the office.
  • – Keeping parts and supplies well stocked without wasting days managing inventory.
  • – Managing equipment rentals by site, customer, LSD or time in the field.
  • – Adding images to your work orders without hassle.
  • – Tracking work orders to ensure your technicians are working efficiently.

 Those are just some of the ways that you can make our field service management software work for your business.

Save More Time & More Money with Our Field Service Software – See What Separates Us from The Competition

Field service software is becoming more and more readily available, but you can expect an unparalleled level of support when you work with FocusERP. We don’t offer generic field service management Software that you have to manipulate on your own.

Our goal is to customize your software so that it solves problems unique to your business. The FocusERP experience starts with a complete analysis of your business process, and we don’t call it a day until you have a fully integrated program that helps your business thrive.

Business Processes

Automate complex business processes

  • – Increase communication, productivity, and minimize paperwork.
  • – Eliminate data porting.
  • – Manage multiple document types.
  • – Consolidate multiple projects on one invoice.
  • – Generate invoices in half the time.
  • – Streamline information collection and reporting activities.
  • – Track equipment rentals by customer or location.

Job Management

Manage clients, employees, and jobs

  • – Capture all field data including documents, drawings, and images.
  • – Update job details and requirements as the landscape changes.
  • – Track timesheet, expenses, materials, and equipment.

  • – Streamline technical reporting.

  • – Submit field tickets from any device.

  • – Expedite invoice approvals.

  • – Process field tickets including labour, materials, buyouts, and travel.


Make informed decisions with real-time data

  • – Access real-time project dashboards.
  • – Monitor job status, and project profitability 24/7.
  • – Access any data required to maintain activity awareness.
  • – Track expenses by job, customer, location etc.
  • – Customize dashboards to suit your requirements.
  • – Access information anytime from anywhere.

 Cloud based ERP costs less to own, is mobile and scalable, easily integrates with your other business applications, and is constantly up-to-date when technology changes.

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