Focus Inspections Management​

Control your manufacturing environment while focusing on business growth

Looking For The Best Inspections Software For Your Small Business?

Increase productivity and minimize paperwork

Optimize labor allocation and resource planning

Capture and access all field data

Consolidate multiple projects/PO’s and currencies on one invoice

Eliminate data porting

Manage, auto generate, and distribute templates and forms

Reduce cycle times, expedite payment, and increase cash flow

Capture labor fees by minute, hour or per diem

Manage warehouse inventory and equipment

Better Planning and Management tools

  • – Access real-time custom project or KPI dashboards
  • – Job Tracking
  • – Monitor job status and project profitability
  • – Streamline technical reporting
  • – Scale your system as you grow
  • – Drastically reduce IT service and hardware costs
  • – Scale your system as you grow
  • – Reliable and secure

How can FocusERP help your business?

Our customers save over 50% of their operational costs and reduced the time required to produce invoicing by 75%.

Automation from Quote to Cash


Manage customer relations with ease.

  • – Develop real-time reports and dashboards for accurate sales tracking and forecasts.
  • – Reduce double entry data and eliminate manual tracking of prospects and customers.
  • – Create accurate quotes with pre-defined templates, access previous or duplicated orders, and see margins in real-time.
  • – Convert quotes into sales orders with a couple of clicks.
  • – Respond more accurately to customer requests with a single view of all orders, delivery times, and what’s in the pipeline.
  • – Combines historical quote information with preferred vendor pricing and real-time margin calculations.
  • – Understand how past estimates have performed against revenue expectations.
  • – Maximize profit margins with real-time visibility of material, production, and shipping costs.
  • – Automatically create the necessary production tasks and procedures based on the BOM.
  • – Fill operational gaps with one solution from quoting to production to shipping – connecting all organizational departments.


Identify resource needs at the touch-of-a-button.

  • – Automate your production schedule with accurate capacity and inventory information.
  • – Quickly identify and relieve production bottlenecks.
  • – Proactively manage material shortages, labor overages, and production schedule changes with real-time visibility of this critical information.
  • – Empower your production team with the solution that allows them to input process information and view production statuses in real-time.
  • – Create new BOMs from an existing BOM with a couple of clicks.
  • – Reduce manual entry and paperwork by providing automated production status and materials reports to management via dashboards.
  • – Gain visibility of available resources and inventory for work orders.
  • – Assign shop floor workers to specific work orders for optimized production performance.
  • – Identify late work orders quickly and adjust resources accordingly.
  • – Connect inventory with production with one solution for managing all production needs.


Dynamic control of your shipping schedule.

  • – Create a mobile picklist on your tablet.
  • – Gain visibility of production schedule status on work orders for more accurate shipping timelines.
  • – Easily select multiple shipping locations for customer orders.
  • – Communicate shipment status in real-time with one solution for sales, accounting, production, and shipping.
  • – Ship line items by release schedule.

We Export!

Multi-currency | Multi-language | Brokerage fees | Import taxes

All configurable with a few clicks.

Change on the fly!

Case Study

“Caliper Inspection Ltd. provides quality inspection services and specializes in vendor surveillance, expediting, and quality manual and procedural development. We promise compliance verification through integrity matched with excellence in execution. We were challenged with managing large volumes of job data; this data was then used for work order generation and the creation of invoices. Previously we used to access databases to manage data but found that we had surpassed its capabilities.”

“Herb and his team demonstrated proficient listening and understanding of our challenges including our complex business processes. As a result, we went through a customization and enhancement development phase before implementation. FocusERP aka eFactory has been implemented and successfully adopted by the company. Our invoicing process has been streamlined and we now generate and issue bi-monthly invoices in half the time. Our implementation was successful and we continue to enjoy a relationship with Herb and his team in the delivery of support services.”

Paul Frederick – President of Caliper Inspection Ltd.

Reliable ERP software

 Cloud based ERP costs less to own, is mobile and scalable, easily integrates with your other business applications, and is constantly up-to-date when technology changes.

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