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5 Ways Calgary ERP Software  Improves Profitability

In Calgary, the business community has had to change practices to cope with the recent downturn caused by slumping commodity prices. When competing on a global level, becoming more competitive is crucial for profitability. Process efficiency and great communication are keys to lower costs and providing better service. In Calgary, Focus ERP software is one tool to help manage efficiency and increase productivity. You can give your business a boost with the following five benefits.

Quick Access to data.

ERP Software provides real-time access to all your data in one integrated suite enabling the key metrics of your business operations to be available on demand. Detailed, real-time reporting provides visibility, control, and insight into your costs, margins, and employee productivity. Ideally, ERP Software is specifically designed for your industry, like inspection management software, and field service management software. These are powerful custom tools engineered to streamline your processes, reduce the need for double entry, data porting and eliminate errors and miscommunication.

Collaboration Between Departments

Safely connect and interact with any device. You can monitor and manage your business operations from your laptop, PC, tablet, or smart phone from wherever you are. Download or upload documents templates, drawings, blueprints, and images. Submit expenses or site-specific information for review and storage. An ERP system keeps you and all your employees connected, whether you are on the road or working from home.


Continually Evolving to Take Advantage of New Technologies

Cloud ERP software is often automatically updated with additional functionality and features as new approaches evolve. This application enhancement is market driven and developed as required to suit changing customer demands and market conditions. As similar companies streamline their procedures exciting process and technology improvements become available without costly downtime while waiting for updates and expensive custom development.

Manage Customer Relations with Calgary ERP Software

Everything starts with your customers and customer relationship management, (CRM) is important no matter what kind of business you are in. With a complete ERP system, you and your staff have access to all areas of customer and vendor management, including sales cycles, pipelines, specific pricing, revenue forecasting, automated orders and quotes and demand forecasting. Being in touch and knowing your partners well, reduces misunderstandings, errors, and creates stronger relationships supporting continued growth.

The Business Proposition is “The Software That Pay’s for Itself”

By streamlining operations and providing instant access to information,  the right system can help your business reduce costs, eliminate errors, and increase profits to stay ahead of the competition. If it is time for your service company, inspection management company or rental company to take the next step. An integrated ERP system positions your business for profitable growth. Ask for a detailed business case and guarantee that your software investment will pay for itself over a specific period of time. For more information contact us today.

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