FocusERP customers in Canada gain the benefits of Microsoft’s enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with in-country data residency.

For FocusERP customers that prefer their data reside in Canada, Microsoft Azure is now available from local data-centre regions located in Toronto and Quebec City. With the presence of these new data centres, customers in Canada gain the benefits of enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with in-country data residency.

What benefits does Azure bring to FocusERP customers? 

This service includes data replication in multiple locations within Canada for business continuity and the option of a private connection to the cloud with Azure ExpressRoute.  The Microsoft Cloud in Canada features the same industry-leading levels of security, privacy & control, compliance, and transparency that define the Microsoft trusted cloud globally.

What cloud services are available in the Microsoft Cloud in Canada and when?

If I use Geo Redundant Storage for accounts in an Azure Canada region, where is the data replicated?

Geo-redundant storage (GRS) is enabled for your storage account by default when you create it. GRS maintains six copies of your data. With GRS, your data is replicated three times within the primary region and is also replicated three times in a secondary region. For Canada, geo-redundancy will occur between Canada East and Canada Central.

Where are the new data centres located?

The Microsoft Cloud in Canada is served from data centres in Toronto and Quebec City but can be accessed from anywhere on Cloud-Based platforms like FocusERP, requiring Azure in Canada.

Who might be interested?

Companies may choose to have their applications served from a hosting service located in Canada for these reasons:

  • Contractual obligation to have the application and data reside in Canadian soil
  • Faster data access due to closer proximity to the hosting location

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