ERP Software

There is a common theme that develops within a company…

When you first began, you chose accounting software like QuickBooks, Simply Accounting/Sage50, Accpac and others and were happy with it. 

  • It served your needs for years and as your business grew, your accountant kept everything organized and giving you all the necessary reports. 
  • Then you added on other software like a CRM, or  D2D (door to door), or inventory management, or service management, or Tool Crib, or a CNC machine on and on and on.  
  • Sure enough, your growth resulted in you starting to see some issues.  

Interesting , then what do I do now?

  • There are many things internally you can fix, but what you need is a software to manage those fixes and help you move to the next level.
  • However, you don’t know what that is or who to call.
  • Intuitively, or in conversation with others, an ERP system appears to be the right next step. 
  • But how do you look for the right ERP, or even learn about what it can do for me?  

Got it.  What do I look for in an ERP vendor?

The best way I can answer that is ask customers what were they looking for when they chose us.  We asked them “What were the reasons you chose us?” They are:

  • FocusERP understood our industry and how ERP could be effective in helping us.  
  • Software fit was nice, but they were able to customize to our specific needs 
  • We wanted Boutique Support in both software enhancements and IT support and received it.  
  • Their desire to achieve a business case to offset the cost of an ERP 

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

  • They often say its a long process to choose an ERP software, but it doesn’t really need to be.   
  • Times have changed since then and it can be a surprisingly efficient process 
  • Besides, busy companies just don’t have the time, and a solid ERP company will recognize that.

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