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In Western Canada, the business climate continues to evolve and present new challenges to owners and managers every day. One of the most pressing questions is how to manage all aspects of a complex operation while dealing with external challenges of economic environments and regulatory requirements. If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Rental Company or Service Provider both external and internal forces weigh on the minds of owners and operators.

As the business grows and evolves, the most urgent problems often originate with

  • product quality management
  • production efficiency
  • disconnects between sales, engineering and production
  • meeting order delivery commitments

High-growth organizations deal with these issues to a greater extent because their existing systems can not scale to the production volumes and complexity of growth.

All companies use different software packages to manage information and production issues. However, they are not integrated which increases rework, reconciliation, input errors which results in reporting becoming a nightmare as data has to come from so many different sources. The result? Extra costs which will have an effect on margins and being competitive. Fortunately, with the advancement of new information technologies, and business process software, some approaches offer relief. On the leading edge of these technologies is Cloud-based ERP.

How to know if your ready Cloud ERP Software?

  • You need to improve overall business performance.
  • you need to improve regulatory compliance and reporting
  • you are using multiple software packages across your enterprise
  • your software suites are not well supported
  • you need to improve customer service to stay competitive
  • you need to make your employees tasks easier
  • you need better reporting and regulatory compliance capability
  • you need to integrate systems across the enterprise
  • you need to position your company for growth
  • your workforce is mobile
  • you have multiple locations, warehouses or distributors
  • your inventory management is just in case instead of just in time

Key Benefits of Cloud ERP

Most companies are experiencing some or all the issues mentioned above, and it costs their companies every day. Now, with a Cloud ERP approach companies can reduce their IT maintenance, and overhead costs significantly while streamlining their operations.

  • build new sales channels,
  • rapidly refine the look and feel of their Internet and mobile offerings,
  • work more closely with suppliers
  • monitor and automate their supply chains,
  • monitor production costs and margins
  • increase customer service
  • provide employees with mobile access to data and support
  • instantly create a variety of reports
  • rapidly scale to business requirements

Cloud ERP solutions offer lower barriers to entry regarding time and cost, allowing functional teams to pilot and implement function-specific applications fast. In most cases, this is accomplished without any help from the IT department. All functions interact with one database, eliminating costly error-prone reworks.

As internet access and speed continually improves, perhaps it is time to evaluate how a Cloud ERP system can save your company time and increase profits. For more information contact us today.

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