Cloud-based Integrated suite

Why Cloud?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Cloud-based ERP systems! Before investing in an expensive on-premises system check out what a cloud-based solution has to offer.

1. Does owning a Cloud-based application eliminate the need for hardware?

Cloud applications require only an internet connection and a PC or mobile device. No server, no infrastructure, no IT department or costly updates are necessary to stay secure, connected, and up-to-date with automatic updates.

2. What kind of Internet connection is needed?

In a typical day, any standard internet connection including today’s mobile hotspots provides adequate bandwidth. The processing is performed on the Cloud server. Cloud-based or SaaS applications are delivered as a service rather than a product. The costs of providing that service are owned by the Hosting provider who can only afford the latest best technology and security. The hosting provider recoups their investment by offering superior performance to thousands of customers.

3. What are the criteria that define a Saas solution

There is a lot of confusion regarding what constitutes a genuine SaaS or Cloud application. Some legacy applications are offered on a “hosting” basis but have limitations that render them unfit to carry the label of SaaS or Cloud applications. Here are the criteria that define SaaS applications.

1. Zero Client – there is nothing to install on your server, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

2. Configured, not coded – configuration means that personalising the application according to your specific requirements, drop-down menus, screen layouts, field names, etc. Changes to the code are not required, making upgrades painless, without any downtime risk.

3. Always available!

4. What devices or browsers can I use?

Cloud-based solutions work on the majority of tablets, laptops, workstations and mobile phones that most people already have, removing the need to spend budget to purchase new hardware. By having this ability, you can use your cloud-based solution anytime, anywhere and on any device Add mobility without compromising security!

5. Is my data secure?

Security is important to everyone! Hosted solutions are built on an infrastructure that provides performance, and reliability exceeding standards found in the most sophisticated IT departments.The Cloud model allows companies of all shapes and sizes to leverage this infrastructure, which would otherwise be impossible to duplicate with an on-premise solution. Most business Cloud-based solutions offer 256 bit SSL data encryption (the highest encryption available for commercial use). Disasters do happen and can come in many forms, and it seems that happen more often than they have in the past. With a cloud-hosted solution, your encrypted data is backed up hourly, (or more) with off-site storage of backups, and multi-location redundancy. That means no downtime, no costly data recovery process, no lost records, no missed business opportunities, or broken promises.

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